One of the fundamental strengths of the human species is our ability to bond and attach to one another. Our relationships are incredibly important to us. When people are struggling with family members, siblings, co-workers, spouses, significant others, break ups, divorces, or friends, it can deeply impact the way they feel about themselves or others. Studies have shown direct links between relationship problems and health issues such as high blood pressure, heart problems, depression and anxiety.

Individual Therapy

Therapy can help by understanding and modifying negative thought patterns. It can also help the individual discuss family history, dynamics and interactions while assessing contributing factors to the conflict. Behaviorally, we can work on establishing healthy boundaries, improving communication patterns, and coping with difficult personalities.

Additionally, the focus of therapy can also be on nurturing the most important relationship of all: the one with yourself.

Couples Therapy

For couples who are struggling to understand each other, finding it difficult in being a united front for their children, or feeling disconnected from one another, I offer couples therapy.  In the first few sessions, I focus on assessing the relationship dynamic/conflicts and the couple’s joint goals for treatment and their relationship. Weekly, we will work on identifying hot topics that came up, along with exploring each partner’s emotions, thoughts, and history associated. I take great pride in creating a safe haven to explore and uncover emotions that get triggered in each partner. I help with teaching the couple how to validate each other, along with other skills to help each manage their own emotions and symptoms.

Furthermore, I engage the couple in conversations regarding problem solving, communication and other behavioral techniques that can enhance the quality of their relationship.  

Feel free to contact me for a free 15 minute consultation and schedule your first appointment. 

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