Clinical Supervision

I have 9 years of experience providing clinical supervision to graduate level MSW students, unlicensed psychologists and MSWs earning hours toward licensure. I also have experience with providing consultation to licensed therapists from other companies or agencies who specifically seek me out for consultation due to wanting to learn a variety of interventions or a different perspective from what they are receiving at their agencies. I’ve assisted private practice practitioners with consultation when they transitioned from a large agency and had limited consultation opportunities.

My supervision approach consists of using a CBT supervision format. This helps us stay on track with your needs. It also helps model agenda setting that you can replicate with your clients. I provide feedback on assessment, behavioral analysis, cross cultural perspectives, trauma informed approaches, especially as it relates to the BIPOC population and a variety of interventions. I enjoy treating and teaching from a trauma and cultural lens. I provide my supervisees /consultation clients with a variety of tools and techniques to help them with their own clinical practice, along with a heavy emphasis on self-care, compassion fatigue and other occupational hazards of being mental health professionals.

I provide clinical consultation and a holding space for other clinical supervisors who are having challenges in their roles. I have been a mental health clinical supervisor in community mental health for 7 years now and understand the complexities of the role.

I also provide clinical consultation on how to help therapists break through creative blocks when creating their own worksheets, interventions and products. You can check out my etsy page here with all the digital worksheets I’ve created. You can also view the Mending Roots Healing Spaces page where I share my digital products, newsletter, magazine and online courses.

Lastly, I also provide training to clinical staff. I’ve been hired by other agencies to teach on CBT, Mindfulness, and other interventions. I enjoy teaching about CBT and DBT in holistic ways. I also enjoy teaching on how to make mental health concepts accessible and digestible for all. The list below are the EBPs and Diagnosis specific modalities I’ve been trained in:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (certified by Academy of Cognitive Therapy)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (Certified by Los Angeles County DBT Roll Out)
  • Trauma Focused CBT (Certified by CIMHs)
  • EMDR (Trained by EMDRIA approved EMDR Consulting. Certification in process)
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (certified by UC Davis)
  • Mastering Anxiety and Panic Disorder – CBT and ERP (certified by Btech)
  • Maternal Mental Health Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders Training
  • CBT for disordered eating
  • CBT for OCD
  • Family Focused Therapy for Early Onset Psychosis and Bipolar in Teens

Presentations/Trainings I’ve given conducted:

  • (2022) Breathing Butterflies. Respirando Como Mariposas. Mindfulness for kids and parents. Yetunde Price Resource Center.
  • (2022) CalWORKS C4K Program at LBCAP. Delivered to DPSS GAIN Staff.
  • (2022) Compassion Focused CBT Agenda Setting. Delivered to community, LBCAP trainees, and Dangerfield Program for Problems Staff.
  • (2020) DBT Program at LBCAP.
  • (2016) Guest Lecture. Similarities between ADHD and PTSD in Children from Communities of Color. Cal State University Dominguez Hills. DSM 5 Class.
  • (2014) Latino Behavioral Health Institute. Poster Presentation. Implementing the first Spanish Speaking Family Connections Group in a community mental health setting in Los Angeles County. Los Angeles, Ca
  • (2014) Latino Behavioral Health Institute. Poster Presentation. “Using Culturally Sensitive Considerations and Interventions to Understand, Assess and Treat Latino Children with Autism” Los Angeles, Ca
  • (2013). 7th Annual World Congress of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, Lima Peru.  Workshop: Cross Cultural DBT in the Latin American Culture: Adolescent Adaptations and Cultural Enhancements.  Audience: Multi-cultural Clinicians. Lima, Peru.
  • (2011) Los Angeles School District’s 3rd Annual Teachers Conference; School Phobia
  • (2010) UCLA Latino Caucus Conference; Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Latinos
  • (2009) UCLA Latino Caucus Conference; Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Latinos
  • (2005) University of California Irvine Undergraduate Research Opportunities Symposium; The Influence of Acculturation, Values, and Relationship Power on Latina HIV Prevention Strategies
  • (2005) UCLA HIV Research: The New Generation; Poster presentation: The Influence of Acculturation, Values, and Relationship Power on Latina HIV Prevention Strategies
  • (2004) University of Wisconsin Madison; Understanding Well-Being and Resilience: A Person Centered Approach

Feel free to reach out for a free 15 minute consultation to see if my approach would be a good fit for your needs. Email me at: or call at 323-351-1741.

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