Psychosocial Assessments and Evaluations

In a 2-3 hour interview, I assess for the purpose of identifying psychiatric symptoms, social and environmental stressors,  and psychiatric disorders that can impede functioning. I will also provide treatment recommendations and referrals for additional psychiatric services (such as medication referrals) if needed.

Immigration Evaluations

You or your attorney might believe that there are valid mental health issues to be evaluated that can help support your case and can impact the decision for you (or your spouse) to stay legally in the United States. I conduct psychosocial immigration evaluations that can assist highlight the special circumstances of your situation, taking into account your culture, childhood, work history, mental health symptoms and trauma. The following are the immigration evaluations I conduct:

  • Extreme Cruelty Evaluations – Victims of abuse or extreme cruelty may have certain immigration options. Read more about the petitions here.  This evaluations focuses on assessing trauma history, violence and psychiatric symptoms and disorders.
  • Extreme Hardship Evaluations – In this evaluation, the focus is on the U.S. citizen or legal permanent residence spouse who files for a waiver on behalf of the immigrant spouse, citing that the deportation will cause an extreme hardship for citizen spouse or family members outside the average person. I focus on assessing the impact of the possible separation due to immigration. I evaluate both spouses, family members, review medical and school records, and any other pertinent information relevant to the case. Read more about Extreme Hardship Waivers on the USCIS website here.

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